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Details: other serious health problems in nonsmokers.[5] This is especially true for the almost 100 million Am er ica ns wh o hav e a sthma, ch ro nic b ro nch itis, ch ro nic s inusitis, em physem a, an d other bre at hing-related conditions which make them especially susceptible to secondhand tobacco smoke.[6] 3.

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Free or Low Cost Primary Care from a Doctor or Nurse

Details: Health centers are community-based and patient-directed organizations that deliver comprehensive, culturally competent, high-quality primary health care services. Find a community health center near you. Free Clinics: Free clinics use volunteer health care providers to give free or low-cost care to people without insurance.

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COVID-19 Workplace Requirements

Details: Health Surveillance (cont.) When an employer learns of an employee, visitor, or customer with a known case of COVID- 19, the employer shall: Immediately notify the local public health department AND Within 24 hours of learning of the known case, notify any co-workers, contractors, or suppliers who may

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Health Risk Assessment

Details: health needs. The information you provide in this form is personal health information protected by federal and state law and will be kept confidential. It CANNOT be used to deny health care coverage. We also encourage you to see your doctor for a check-up as soon as possible after you enroll with a health plan, and at least once a year after that.

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MDHHS issues RFP for gambling disorder helpline and

Details: MDHHS issues RFP for gambling disorder helpline and treatment services. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. July 8, 2021. Contact: Lynn Sutfin, 517-241-2112. LANSING, Mich. - The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide services aimed at reducing gambling disorder among Michigan residents.

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Donald Lee Koenig Professional Biography Director Family

Details: mental health and behavioral issues, placement disruptions, school failures and risks to health and safety. Children and adolescents who journey from foster home to foster home, hospital to resi-dential care and in and out of juvenile detention facilities are frequently displaced and in crisis. They are young, alone and lonely for a family, a

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